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Clean Aero – Your trusted partner for clean aircraft transactions

Risky transactions for Aircraft Owners

The market for the sale and acquisition of business aircraft has been suffering for several years from a lack of integrity, transparency and ethics.

One of the most flourishing and uncontrolled practices today is when a broker cashes an illicit commission via a hidden back-to-back (B2B) transaction, at the expense of the seller or buyer he represents.

This illicit practice exposes sellers and buyers of business aircraft to significant financial, contractual, fiscal, and customs risks – not to mention, risks related to the aircraft’s ownership. Without to be aware of these risks and able to control them.

Furthermore, while legitimate and transparent B2B transactions can be justified in some very specific cases, sellers and buyers in such transactions remain exposed to the same important risks. So, they have an obvious interest in understanding them in order to eliminate them.

To learn more about B2B and the risks associated with them, download Clean Aero’s free guide:


Clean Aero eliminates the risks

We secure your aircraft transactions by offering following services:

  • Analysis of the structure of a transaction to detect the potential presence of a hidden and illicit intermediary company (B2B).
  • Advice on how to structure a transaction from a contractual perspective to eliminate the risk that a hidden and illicit intermediary company is used.
  • Analysis and follow-up of sales, purchase, brokerage, escrow agreements, etc., according to the principles of transparency and ethics recognized in the business aviation market (NBAAIADANATA).
  • Analysis of the risks of using a transparent and legitimate intermediary company in a transaction. Advice on how to remove these risks.

Philippe Renz

Philippe is a Swiss aviation attorney with the Renz & Partners law firm based in Bern (Switzerland).

Philippe previously worked for 8 years as a lawyer and prosecutor at the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation, leading numbers of criminal and administrative investigations in commercial and private aviation.

As a keen expert on business aviation and helicopters, Philippe launched Clean Aero to actively promote respect for the principles of law and ethics in aircraft transactions.

Clean Aero (Switzerland)
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CH-1700 Fribourg
Tel. + 41 26 322 70 70

Michelle M. Wade

Michelle is a US aviation attorney with the Jetstream Law firm based in Kansas City, Missouri area (USA).

Michelle, who has clocked to date over 20 years in the aviation industry and over 10,000 hours of legal practice, is uniquely skilled in developing solutions for complex acquisition, as well as financing and leasing transactions involving corporate jets.

Through the services offered by Clean Aero, Michelle intends to significantly improve the protection of the interests of the parties to an aircraft transaction.

Clean Aero (USA)
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Olathe, KS 66062, USA
Tel. + 1 913-777-4538